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How long will my Chocolate Dipped Strawberries last?

We would recommend that you enjoy your strawberries the day you receive them.  Although when kept in a refrigerator they can possibly last 2-3 days.


 How long will my iKhandi Apple last?

We would recommend that you enjoy your apple within 5 days if remained unopened.  The iKhandi Apple can last up to 2 weeks if kept in a refrigerator and has been unopened. Once it has been opened and cut, we suggest that you eat it on that same day.


What box will my strawberries be packaged in?

iKhandi Chocolate Boutique will ensure that your boxes are gift wrapped. Although due to unforeseen circumstances certain gift boxes may not be available.  The gift box for your berries may vary. 


What type of chocolate do you use?

iKhandi uses a premium gourmet chocolate that goes perfectly with all of our chocolate treats.  Our chocolate is made by a trusted chocolate company that has been in existence for decades.  iKhandi only uses the best products to ensure quality treats that you will simply love each and every time.  


Can your products be shipped nationwide?

Sorry no shipping available at this time.


How will my products arrived after being shipped?

We will try our best to ensure that your order will arrive beautifully! However, we cannot guarantee that your product will arrive perfectly due to package possibly being thrown around by postal service.  Your product will arrive edible but in rare cases you may see small cracks in the chocolate on products. We will not refund for any items that may be cracked inside of the package wrappings.  We are not responsible for any items that are stolen, misplaced, or damaged from being left in weather after product has been delivered.  We will email you a tracking number to keep track of the delivery date of your package.  Be sure to make provisions to get package ASAP. Your products are made with chocolate and are delicate and cannot be left out in extreme temperatures. We are currently offering shipping on selected items such as our Apples, Cookies, and Truffles. We offer a 2-3 day flat rate for shipping option domestically only through USPS.


Where do I pick up my order from on Valentine's Day 2020?

On the shopping cart page, please click on Schedule Pickup to select a Pickup time slot. Our pickup location is at AMC Mall of Louisiana 15, 9168 Bluebonnet Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA. 


Where do you get your strawberries from?

iKhandi carefully picks the best strawberries to give you the best tasting chocolate dipped berries ever! Our strawberries are mostly from Louisiana (depending on crop), Florida and California.


What are you going to do with my email address?

iKhandi respects your privacy at all times and will not sell or share your personal information. We will send out promotional information and exclusive discount offers to you.  You have the ability to remove yourself from our emailing list at anytime by emailing us at


What days do you deliver?

 In the Baton Rouge area, deliveries can be made on Monday-Saturday.  Please contact us for verification and to schedule a time at 225-270-9939.  There will be a delivery fee that must be paid in advance online after the location has been approved by us.


Where is your boutique located?

Currently iKhandi is an online chocolate boutique. We will open up a boutique in the future locally in Baton Rouge, LA.


Can any of your products be purchased in a retail store?

Not at this time, but we are currently looking for a local retailer that is interested in purchasing wholesale and selling.  Please contact us at for more information. 


Do you guarantee your products?

Yes we do! If you are not completely satisfied please call and let us know immediately.  We will definitely do what we can to ensure your satisfaction.  Call us at 225-270-9939 or email us at


Are your products made with peanuts? 

Our products may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts. We do not guarantee that our products are free of soy, wheat, gluten, eggs, or milk. If you are allergic to any of those foods, please do not consume our products. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions that may occur from the consumption of these products.


How can I become a team member of iKhandi Chocolate Boutique?

We are always looking for highly motivated, hard working, dedicated, and creative individuals to join our team.  If you would like more information and details on how to join our team please email us at  "Team iKhandi" Rocks!!


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