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Relax & Enjoy A Chocolate Massage!

Just when you associate chocolate eating with a sweet tooth, chocolate now also has many other uses and these include Chocolate Massage and wellness!

It has been suggested that chocolate, actually cocoa and dark chocolate, does wonders for the circulatory system, fights cancer, prevents cough and maybe acts sometimes as an aphrodisiac. Chocolate has now also made a breakthrough in the market, leisure market.

Chocolate Spa! Chocolate massages are slowly slipping into the wellness market. Research suggests that they have been around for some time now. Spa Centers are trying to convince the market with chocolate massages, scrubs, wraps and soaks in chocolate! Who can resist chocolate, whichever way you use it?

Yes soak in a bath tub filled with melted chocolate and be served with chocolate-laced drinks, chocolate coated nuts and everything chocolaty. Chocolate is believed to have soothing effect on the skin as well! Finely grounded cocoa beans are used for scrubs to rid the body of dead skin cells leaving it supple and smooth. Chocolate scrubs done on a regular basis helps in regularizing blood flow too.

Chocolate wraps combining chocolate essence and health enhancing ingredients help with the toning of muscles. The skin is stimulated to gain a healthy tone while distributing its inherent bodily minerals.

Whichever form of chocolate indulgence you prefer, remember there are always two sides to a coin. Cocoa, a natural antioxidant ingredient but processing it with alkali gives it a different effect. Lots of resources have been poured into cocoa research and studies have shown that cocoa-based drugs have shown positive signs in the control of diabetes and dementia.

Read more about this topic and find other interesting articles on chocolate at Chocolate World

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