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iKhandi Chocolate Dipped Berries

The Chocolate Menu

iKhandi Couture Cake Truffles

Classic Berries

Sweet, plump, red strawberries hand dipped in white, milk, or dark smooth gourmet chocolate that gives you the essence of a classic chocolate dipped strawberry.  You can also have your berries drizzled and topped with white, milk, or dark chocolate for a splash of more chocolate flavor!

½ Dozen (6 Berries)  $16

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $22


Mixed Berries

Can't decide on your favorite classic berry? Enjoy two of your favorite classic berries with our best selling selection of mixed berries!  Select half and half of white, milk, or dark chocolate dipped berries and don't forget the couture drizzle on top!

½ Dozen (6 Berries)  $17

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $24


Assorted Berries

Are you ready for chocolate bliss? Our assorted berries will give you an assortment of our best couture berries with decadent toppings! Choose from our Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Walnut, Cookies N' Creme, Coconut, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Mint, Sugar Kisses, & Khandi Coated Berries!

½Dozen (6 Berries)  $19

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $27


Strawberry Cheesecake Berries

If you love strawberry cheesecake, you'll absolutely love these berries! Our cheesecake berries are plump strawberries stuffed with a delicious cheesecake filling, dipped in our smooth white chocolate, then set with a graham cracker crust.  These berries are lastly finished off with our signature drizzle!

½ Dozen (6 Berries)  $19

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $27 


S'More Berries

This berry will have you imagining you're sitting by the campfire enjoying S'mores! We've taken America's favorite treat and designed it into delicious couture berries! Our S'More Berries are sweet, plump strawberries, dipped in Hershey's Milk Chocolate, half dipped in crisp graham crackers, topped with a lightly toasted marshmallow meringue star, and finished off with more rich milk chocolate drizzled over the top! This berry is ooey gooey delicious! 

½ Dozen (6 Berries)  $19

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $27


iKhandi Couture Dipped Cookies

Try America's favorite cookie remixed by iKhandi Chocolate Boutique! We're so excited to introduce these delicious Oreo cookies that are dipped in our special chocolate and drizzled with pure chocolate precision.  Satisfy your taste buds with a half dozen or a dozen of cookies dipped in your choice of milk, white, or dark chocolate.

½ Dozen (6 Cookies)   $6

1 Dozen (12 Cookies)  $12

iKhandi Signature Cocktail Berries

Time for Happy Hour with a sweet twist! Our iKhandi Signature Cocktail Berries are chocolate dipped berries created to capture the taste of your

favorite cocktail drink.


Strawberry Martini Berries

The strawberry martini berries are sweet red strawberries hand dipped in white chocolate. These berries are infused with Red Berry Ciroc and drizzled with strawberry flavored red white chocolate. "Simply divine"

(Adults 21 & Over Only)                          

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $37


Coco-Roc Berries

Try our newly Ciroc inspired berries, "Coco-Roc Berries!" These berries are infused with smooth Coconut Ciroc and then dipped in our twisted white and yellow chocolate blend! 

(Adults 21 & Over Only)

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $37


Chocolate Martini Berries

Our Chocolate Martini Berries are sweet plump strawberries infused with the delicious Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka. These berries are double dipped in our smooth white and milk chocolate. This berry gives the essence of a decadent chocolate martini with a strawberry on the glass! Add an extra shot of liquor to your berries for an extra $3 charge. (Adults 21 & Over Only)

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $37


Banana Split Berries

Everyone loves a classic, but we've got a chocolate dipped berry that is out of this world! If you love eating banana splits this is the berry for you! Try our iKhandi Couture Banana Split Berries that are made with plump red strawberries, infused with a Creme De Banana Liqueur, double-dipped in our smooth milk and creamy white chocolate, topped with a fresh sliced dipped banana, sprinkled with sundae nuts, and topped with a sparkling cherry! You'll also get a side of whipped cream to dip your berries in to complete the Banana Split! Exquisiteness at its finest! Add an extra shot of liquor to your berries for an extra $3 charge. (Adults 21 & Over Only)

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $40





Allergy Warning: These products may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts. We do not guarantee that our products are free of soy, wheat, gluten, eggs, or milk. If you are allergic to any of those foods, please do not consume our products. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions that may occur from the consumption of these products.

Indulge yourself in a box of iKhandi Couture Cake Truffles that are super delicious! Couture Cake Truffles are chic little sweet cakes rolled, shaped, and dipped in a decadent gourmet chocolate coating. Choose from our three flavors Rockin' Red Velvet, Haute Chocolate Brownie & Strawberries N' Crème. These unique chocolate treats will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

½ Dozen (6 Pieces)  $14       (1 Flavor)

1 Dozen (12 Pieces)  $20    (Up to 2 Flavors)

iKhandi Apple Collection

Are you ready for pure chocolate and caramel decadence? We have the perfect treat for you! Satisfy your taste buds with one of our tantalizing caramel and chocolate dipped gourmet apples.


Classic iKhandi Apples

Crisp granny smith apples dipped in our homemade creamy caramel and coated with milk, white, or dark smooth gourmet chocolate. Our special couture drizzle is added on top of the apples for pure perfection!

3-Pack   $16


iKhandi Signature Apples

iKhandi signifies exquisiteness of chocolate luxuries and our signature apples are a "winner" in taste and beauty! Premium granny smith apples are dipped in our signature homemade caramel, then coated with our smooth milk or white chocolate.  As a finishing touch, we beautify them with shimmering sugar crystals.

3-Pack    $19


iKhandi Sundae Apples

These apples are a must have! Enjoy our fresh granny smith apples submerged in our homemade caramel, coated with milk, white, or dark gourmet chocolate.  As a finishing touch, the apples are then rolled in a delicious mixture of fine chopped nuts and drizzled with rich chocolate.  These apples will give you the taste of an old fashioned caramel apple sundae!

3-Pack   $21


iKhandi Couture Apples

These apples are haute couture designer apples that proves beauty can taste sooo good! We use fresh crisp granny smith apples and dip them in our homemade smooth caramel. Then we coat the apples in milk or white gourmet chocolate creating the perfect combination. Lastly, these apples are hand designed creating unique art pieces that are gorgeous and edible! These apples will make the perfect gift for someone special! 

3-Pack    $26


iKhandi Apple Collection Assorted Pack

Can't decide on which apples to try? Here's the solution! Get our assorted pack of the iKhandi Apple Collection that will include 3 apples from the collection to be included in your pack.  The assorted pack will include a variety of our Classic iKhandi Apples, iKhandi Signature Apples, iKhandi Sundae Apples, or iKhandi Couture Apples that will be randomly selected to make up an epic and delicious trio.

3-Pack   $24


iKhandi Couture Designer Apples

Try our new iKhandi Couture Inspired Designer Apples that are exclusively designed in your favorite fashion designer brand. Select from our Gucci, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, & Polo Ralph Lauren (More Brands Available Upon Request).  These apples are dipped in Milk or White Chocolate and designed to perfection! 

*We are not affiliated with any of the designer label/brands seen on our inspired apples.

Single Designer Apple  $12 Each





Delightful cake treats stacked into a cute push-up pop! We combined soft, moist flavored cake, stacked in between homemade buttercream icing and toppings! These make great travel treats on the go or the perfect party favors! You can try our Strawberries & Champagne, Chic Chocolate, or Red Velvet. Sold only as a set of 6.  *Sorry this item is not available during Valentine's Day.

6 Cake Push Pops  $20



iKhandi Couture Chocolate Dipping Body Paint

iKhandi Party Trays

Hosting a Party or Special Event? Let Us WOW your guests with our chic party trays! We can customize a party tray or create party favors especially for you! Call us for pricing at 1-888-801-9192 or email us at

Pineapple Upside Down Berries

Dessert will never be the same after you try these little passion fruit pleasures! Our Pineapple Upside Down Berries are irresistible sweet strawberries hand dipped in smooth white chocolate.  These berries are infused with the delicious Pineapple Ciroc and then garnished with an exclusive iKhandi pineapple and a ruby red luxe cherry! Who knew a strawberry could look and taste so good! (Adults 21 & Over Only)

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $38


Caramel Apple Martini Berries

Calling all Apple Martini Lovers! We've created a delicious cocktail berry that will please your taste buds! These iKhandi Couture Caramel Apple Martini Berries are created with sweet red strawberries, double-dipped in white chocolate and swirled in our delicious homemade caramel.  For the added bonus, these berries are infused with the smooth Apple Ciroc Vodka. Irresistibly Delicious!  Add an extra side of our delicious caramel to drizzle on top or dip your berries in for an extra $2 charge. Add an extra shot of liquor to your berries for an extra $3 charge. (Adults 21 & Over Only)

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $40


Black Luxe Berries

Are you ready for luxury at its finest? Hold on to your taste buds as these sophisticated berries are going to take you on a trip to France! Try our new "Luc Belaire Rose' inspired berries, "Black Luxe Berries!"  These berries are infused with the luxurious Luc Belaire Rose', dipped in our smooth white chocolate, and designed exclusively in black and pink decor' to vibe off of the stylish black bottle! The sexiest new berry has arrived! (Adults 21 & Over Only)

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $40 


King of Cognac Berries

The king has arrived! The King of all berries is here to give you simplicity but yet a powerful taste. These iKhandi King of Cognac Berries are made with sweet, plump red strawberries, hand dipped in our rich milk chocolate, infused with the finest VSOP Cognac, D'usse.  These berries are then topped off with a golden crown or golden couture flakes.  Fit for a King or Queen! Add an extra shot of liquor to your berries for an extra $3 charge. (Adults 21 & Over Only)

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $45


Twisted Peach Berries 

These twisted berries will leave you speechless! From their amazing artwork to the bold taste of a tropical cocktail you will be twisted from chocolate perfection.  The Twisted Peach Berries are sweet red strawberries infused with delicious Peach Ciroc, hand dipped in our exclusive twisted white chocolate, and lastly brushed with luxury to add a shimmer finish! 

(Adults 21 & Over Only)

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $37


Pink Moscato Berries

Imagine yourself on a first class flight relaxing and  sipping on a refreshing glass of Pink Moscato...This is where our new luxurious Pink Moscato berries will take you! Our new Pink Moscato Berries are sweet, red strawberries infused with new Pink Moscato Wine, dipped in pink white chocolate, and finished off with our signature pink drizzle.

(Adults 21 & Older Only)

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $37


Strawberry Margarita Berries

Margarita Time! Our Strawberry Margarita Berries are delicious red, plump strawberries that are infused with smooth Patron Tequila.  These berries are dipped in creamy white chocolate and to top off this Margarita berry each berry will be sprinkled with sugar.

(Adults 21 & Over Only)

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $37


The Royale Berries

Bow down to the King of berries that is sure to give your tastebuds the Royale treatment! If you love  strawberries and apples this berry will be your favorite! The Royale Berries are infused with the smooth tasting Crown Royal Regal Apple Whiskey and dipped in our rich Milk or Dark Chocolate.  These Berries will be finished off with a Luxe Green Apple royal dust that will be fit for a King or Queen! "Your Royal Highness Berries Awaits!"

(Adults 21 & Over Only)

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $37

Mango Crush Berries

You will be crushing over these delicious strawberries that are dipped in our sweet and creamy white chocolate. They are infused with the newest Mango Ciroc and our special mango puree that will have this strawberry bursting with mango flavor! To top off this berry it is dipped in our mango colored white chocolate and finished off with a little bit of sparkle! (Adults 21 & Over Only)

1 Dozen (12 Berries)   $37





Pure Bliss

Looking for something unique, sexy, fun, and delicious? iKhandi has created a masterpiece for our supreme chocolate lovers! Become a chocolate artist with our exclusively designed chocolate dipping sauce/body paint called Pure Bliss!  Pure Bliss is a decadent chocolate fondant that can be used as a dipping sauce for fruits, desserts, or as a topping for ice cream.  Pure Bliss can also be used as a sexy body paint that can be applied to the body with fingers or with our special paint brush for those chocolate risk takers! Now available in White Chocolate!

Pure Bliss (8 oz) Jar with Paint Brush  $10

iKhandi Couture Cake Push Pops

iKhandi Couture Clusters

These little bits of heaven are so sinfully delicious! Enjoy fresh toasted pecans or almonds (your choice) in our gooey rich homemade caramel, dipped in our smooth rich chocolate (choose milk, white or dark chocolate), and a sprinkle of sea salt to finish it off! We also added a couture heart just because we know you will absolutely love them! Each order comes in a chic couture gift box!

1 Dozen (12 Clusters)  $18

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